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The Martin Whalen Connection
Poughkeepsie New York
(Son of Thomas and Catherine Whalen)
(Brother of Michael Whalen)
Dutchess Co.    *   Poughkeepsie    *   Martin's Ancestral Diagram

How is Martin Related to us?
Other Whalen Families of Poughkeepsie
Martin Whalen Census Records
City Directories
Martin's Obituary Notices
POSSIBLE Brothers/Sisters/ Relatives
Martin Whalen's Death Certificates
Martin Whalen Family Burial and Cemetery Records
Messages on Bulletin Boards regarding Whalen Families
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How is Martin Related to us?
    In Short:      Martin Whalen was the older brother of  Michael Whalen. Their families shared a house in 1880 and they have lived within sight/walking distance of each other for approx. 20 years. They could have been not only brothers but best of friends and possibly "Best Men" at each others weddings.

    In Detail:     Martin Whalen was born to Thomas and Catherine Whalen in Ireland about 1840. Thomas and Catherine both of Ireland as well.
Martin Immigrated to USA about 1857 and has been in Poughkeepsie Area since then (1857)
He married Mary Haley possibly in Pok. NY   Mary: (Born: Apr 1838/1830 Ireland    Imm: 1857   Died: Aug. 25 1902)
Martin and Mary Children:  //Katie:    //Timothy: Died: Nov 22 1941   //Mary A:  Died: March 30 1942   //Julia: (may have moved to Brooklyn prior to 1891)
Martin dronwed / died December 03 1891 on the wharf of Poughkeepsie while at work in the glass factory.
In 1870 he was stated as being 32 years old and a Teamster who could not write English.  (born about 1838)
In 1880 he was stated as being 40 years old and a Labor who could not write English        (born about 1840)
In 1891 he was stated as being 51 years old on his headstone                                            (born about 1840)
In 1891 his Death Certificate stated he was being 51 years old                                          (born about 1840)     In USA for 34 years

Ancestral Chart:

1 WHALEN, Thomas b: in Ireland

.. +Catherine b: in Ireland

......... 2 WHALEN, Martin b: Abt. 1835 in Ireland d: December 02, 1891 in Hudson River, Poughkeepsie, New York Burial: St. Peter's Cemetery-Poughkeepsie

............. +HALEY, Mary b: Abt. 1838 in Ballingarry, County Tipperary, Ireland m: November 30, 1862 in St. Peter's Catholic Church, Poughkeepsie, NY d: August 25, 1902 in Poughkeepsie, New York Burial: St. Peter's Cemetery, Poughkeepsie

.................... 3 WHALEN, Catherine b: 1864 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York d: November 27, 1925 Burial: St. Peter's Cemetery-Poughkeepsie

.................... 3 WHALEN, Timothy b: 1865 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York d: November 22, 1941 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York Burial: 1941 St. Peter's Cemetery-Poughkeepsie

........................ +"SINGLE"

.................... 3 WHALEN, Mary Ann b: January 1868 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York d: March 30, 1942 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York Burial: St. Peter's Cemetery-Poughkeepsie

.................... 3 WHALEN, Julia L. b: 1871 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York d: October 27, 1928 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York Burial: St. Peter's Cemetery-Poughkeepsie

......... 2 WHALEN, Michael b: April 1844 in Ireland d: July 31, 1908 in 36 Gifford Ave Poughkeepsie, NY Burial: St. Peter's Cemetery

............. +O'HOLLAHAN, Catherine b: April 1844 in Ireland m: November 23, 1863 in St. Peter's Catholic Church d: June 23, 1912 in 36 Gifford Ave Poughkeepsie, NY Burial: St. Peter's Cemetery Mother: Mary

.................... 3 WHALEN, William F. b: October 10, 1868 in Poughkeepsie, New York d: March 10, 1924 in Newburgh, New York

........................ +KELLY, Mary Ann Bridget b: March 28, 1871 in LaGrange, New York m: June 17, 1894 in St. Peter's Catholic Church-Poughkeepsie d: March 30, 1969 in 511 Gidney Ave-Newburgh, New York Burial: Calvary Cemetery-New Windsor, New York Father: James KELLY Mother: Catherine

His Address's:
During various years Poughkeepsie had two "Martin Whalens" listed in the directories and Census reports. It is difficult to separate them sometimes. These address's listed below are the more likely his.

1859-60  Daune N Tallmadge House                            During the 1860 Census Two Martin Whalen's lived in Poughkeepsie
1862-63  117 Church    House
1866-67   N.Bridge & Mansion
1868-80   62 North Bridge St.     Driver/Teamster         During the 1870 Census
In 1880 he and his family lived at 36 Gifford Ave. with Michael a his family (Census Year)
1880-88    31 Gifford Ave.
1889-1896 Martin Whalen and family lived at 17 Delafield Poughkeepsie NY
1897 Mrs. Martin Whalen (widow) moved to 35 N.Clover Poughkeepsie NY

On 4th June 1880 Martin was living with his brother at 36 Gifford Ave.
 In this house was Michael, wife Katie, Katie’s mother-Mary Holohan, Willie,thomas,julia,mary,john
  brother  Martin,wife Mary, Katie,Timothy,Mary A., Julia.
 That’s two Katies, two julia’s , three Mary’s.  for a total of 14 people in what appeared to be a three bedroom house. Two families and a “mother-in-law The style and age of house would suggest that they had a walk up attic and probably a basement. My great aunt spent her childhood summer their said that they had a back yard with vegetable garden and chickens.”

The 1880 census stated that Martin could no write, which was common back then.  Many of the Irish that came over were suppressed by the English for many years and were not taught in a formal setting. The vast majority were starving by the time they arrived. They had safety in numbers and relied on each other for support, shelter and food.   Timothy(Martins oldest son, worked at a shoe factory at the age of 14 ( that right fourteen years old) working in the factories.

What is also interesting is that another family of Whalens lived on the same street. Maria Whalen  (widow at age 40 in 1880) lived across {41 Gifford Ave.) the street and two houses down from Michael and Martin. Maria had four children.(Mary, Hannah, Maggie, and John).  I find this TOO COINCIDENTAL, plus  at {29 Gifford Ave.} was  A THIRD WHALEN Daniel with wife Maggie and daughter Julia.

To recap Gifford Ave. on 1880:
 Two Katie Whalen
 Three Julia Whalens’
 Three Mary's, one Maria Whalen
 Two John Whalens’
 Two Maggie Whalens’
  For a grand total of 21 individual Whalens’ in 4 families on Gifford Ave.  I find this VERY<VERY INTERESTING.  THEN THEIR IS ANOTHER SEVEN (7) WHALEN FAMILIES WITH three blocks of Gifford.
 John Whalen and wife Barbara at Delafield St.   just down from Gifford
  Martin and Mary lived at 17 Delafield road in 1891.
 Richard at 107 North Bridge St.
 Joseph at 85 North Bridge St.
 Patrick at 75 North Bridge
 Catherine at 56 North Bridge
 Ellen at 52 North Bridge
 Richard at 34 Pine St.
 Mary at 27 Masion St.
 Maggie at 181 Main St.
 Bridge at 200 Main St.
 Ann at 366 Main St.
 John at 148 Clinton St.
 Revian at 146 Clinton St.
 Kate at 324 Mill St.

 The pattern is quite clear  that the families lived very close to each other and didn’t venture to far from their kin.  Granted that some of these people may not be related to each other but I have very strong feeling that they all know each other and may be cousins. All of the females listed above with the addresses were widows by 1880 and many have three or four children.   How could some many, Five, families live together (North Bridge Street) with the same last name in such a vast growing city and NOT BE RELATED???


For more information regarding this family please see the below information:
    (Martin and >>> Haley Lineage, Poughkeepsie NY)    Brother of Michael Whalen
Email Address:  Kellie Folkerts <
Main WebSite:  Kelly Folkerts Genealogy Site
Kellie's Directory of Messages that she has placed on various Bulletin Boards:

Other Whalen Families of Poughkeepsie

OTHER WHALEN Families in Poughkeepsie and  Newburgh Area
Other Whalen Family Burials In St. Peter's Cemetery Poughkeepsie NY

Census Records

1860 Census for Poughkeepsie  Michael Whalen ??Pok.NY   Martin1 Whalen ??Pok.NY  Martin2 Whalen ??Pok.NY

1870 Census for Poughkeepsie  Michael Whalen(s) Pok.NY Martin Whalen Pok.NY

1880 Census for Poughkeepsie  Michael Whalen Pok.NY    Martin Whalen Pok.NY

1890 Census for Poughkeepsie

1900 Census for Poughkeepsie  Michael Whalen Pok.NY    Martin  Whalen Family Pok.NY

City Directories
Whalen Listing in Poughkeepsie Directories for 1889-1897  (street by street)
Whalen Listing in Poughkeepsie NY Dutchess Co. Social Security Numbers (SSDI)
Whalen Families of Poughkeepsie NY in "Directory of the Central New England & Western Railroad 1889"

Martin's Obituary Notices

Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle, Friday, December 4 1891 Pg.?
"DROWNED - Martin Whalen Falls Into the River - His Body Recovered
    Martin Whalen of ?Delafield Street, met death Wednesday night by drowning.  He was employed at the glass works, where he had charge of tires.  Wednesday night at 9 o'clock, according to his custom he ate his lunch, and at 9:30 proceeded to a water closet located on the corner of the wharf near the edge of the dock. A boy saw him enter the closet and this ws the last he was seen alive.  As Whalen did not return to his work after a reasonable time, a search was made for him, but he could not be found.  An alarm was raised, and at two a.m. Officer M. Whalen, a brother of Timothy Whalen, was notified of his brother's disappearance.  It was feared that the man had fallen overboard, and Roundsman McCabe, Officer LeRoy Amarr Wood proceeded to the spot and grappled in the river for the body. At 9 o'clock Thursday morning Amarr Wood recovered his body.  It is supposed that Whalen, after leaving the closet, started to return to the factory when, his eyes being blinded from the rays of a large lantern, he missed his footing and walked overboard.  The body was taken charge of by Coroner Frost and removed to Van Dyne and Mellady's undertaking rooms. Afterwards the remains were taken to Mr. Whalen's home.  The dead man's wife and daughter Mary are visiting a married daughter at Brooklyn, and the death of the husband and father coming so suddenly is extremely sad. Mr. Whalen had been a resident of this city for 34 years and was a highly respected citizen."

Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle, Saturday, December 5 1891 Pg.?
Whalen- In this city, Dec. 3d, Martin Whalen, aged 51 years.  Funeral from his late residence, 17 Delafield Street, on Saturday, Dec. 5th, at 9:30 a.m. and at St. Peter's Church at 10 o'clock, where a solemn requiem mass will be offered for the repose of his soul. Relatives and friends are invited to attend.

POSSIBLE Brothers/Sisters/ Relatives

Definetly: Michael Whalen of Poughkeepsie NY.

Timothy as mentioned in Martin's Death Notice, as stated, "An alarm was raised, and at two a.m. Officer M. Whalen, a brother of Timothy Whalen, was notified of his brother's disappearance."

Death Certificates
    Martin Whalen's Death Certificate from New York State Vital Records (provided by Kellie Folkerts)

Burial and Cemetery
St. Peters Church / Cemetery of  Poughkeepsie  NY
Whalen Family Burial Records for St. Peter's Cemetery POK.

        Martin Whalen Headstone St. Peter's Church Poughkeepsie NY

Martin Whalen
Died Dec 3 1891    Aged 51 yrs
May His Soul Rest In Peace
also his wife Mary Haley
Died Aug. 25 1902
May Her Soul Rest In Peace
Mr. Martin Whalen                              Nov. 22 1897
6-I-11  and 6-I-12

1.Mary Doran 5-19-33                        1.Mary Haley Whalen  8-24-02
2.Frank Lynne Ronk -Crypt 3-17-60   2.Timothy Whalen        11-22-41
3.                                                         3.Mary Whalen            3-30-42
4.                                                         4.Mary Whalen             1902

6-I-9  and 6-I-10
1.John Goldrick         1907                    1.    Martin Whalen  1894
2.Catherine Goldrick 11-27-25              2.    Julia Doran       10-20-28
3. Edward Goldrick   1915                    3.     William Doran  1-17-48
4.                                                           4.    Two Babies

Ellen Haley 3-29-1972
Martin        12-3-1891

Plot Type: 4   Section: 6   Range I    Plot: 12
Number of graves: 4   Perpetual Care: No
Mary Whalen
Four (4) Burials,   see: Kennth Dorn   16 Barlett St.

Ellen Haley  Died 1872

Timothy Whalen  Died: 1941

Mary Whalen  Died: 1891

Messages on Bulletin Boards:

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 Pok.  means Poughkeepsie, New York

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