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O'Callaghan Family
(and the numerous variations)
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O'Callaghan Coat of Arms:
O'Callaghan Coat of Arms
Variations of the Name:
Callaghan, Callahan, O'Callaghan, Callaghane,McCallaghane

Meaning of the Coat of Arms:
A fox (cunning) emerging from a grove of Oaks (strength)

'Fidus Et Audax'
    Translation:  'Faithful and Bold'
grove of Oaks (strength)

                                                                History of the Name:
                                                 The personal name was much in favour among the Eoghanacht, the tribal grouping who controlled
                                                 the kingship of Munster before the rise of Brian Boru of the Dal gCais, and it is from one of the
                                                 Eoghanacht kings, Ceallachan (d.964), that the family trace their descent.
                                                 Murchadg Ua Ceallachain, a grandson of this king who lived in the early eleventh century, was the
                                                 first to transit the surname hereditarily. His nephew Carthach was the ancestor of the MacCarthys,
                                                 and a bloody succession feud between the MacCarthys and the O'Callaghans continued well into
                                                 the twelfth century, ending with the MacCarthys in the ascendant.
                                                 By the end of the thirteenth century the O'Callaghans had taken decisive possession of that part of
                                                 Co Cork which came to be known as Pobal Ui Cheallachain, O'Callaghans Country. This was a
                                                 very large area on both sides of the river Blackwater west of the modern town of Mallow. Here
                                                 their principal bases were the castles at Clonmeen and Dromaneen, and from them they retained
                                                 virtually uninterrupted control for over four centuries, containing many of the earlier Gaelic customs.
                                                 The most notorious of these was the creach or cattle-raid; one Donncha, chief of the family from
                                                 1537 until his undeservedly peaceful death in 1578, was reputed to have carried out two hundred
                                                 raids in every county of Munster, evidently regarding the creach as a vital part of his cultural
                                                 In the great confiscation’s following the wars of the seventeenth century the family lost virtually
                                                 everything. The ruling chief, Donncha O'Callaghan, and his extended family were transplanted to
                                                 east Clare, where they obtained land in the barony of Tulla. The village of O'Callaghans Mills
                                                 records their continued presence. Like so many others from the old Gaelic aristocracy, members of
                                                 this Clare family emigrated to continental Europe. Cornelius o'Callaghan entered the army of Spain
                                                 in 1717. In 1944 one of his descendants, Don Juan O'Callaghan of Tortosa, was recognised by the
                                                 Genealogical Office as the senior descendant in the line of the last inaugurated chief, the Donncha
                                                 who was transplanted to Clare.

                                                 Meaning of the Name:
                                                 O'Callaghan, along with its variants (O)Callagan, Callahan etc., comes from the Irish O'Ceallachain,
                                                 from the personal name Ceallachan, a diminutive of ceallach. This was traditionally taken to mean
                                                 'frequenter of churches', but is now thought to be a much older word meaning 'bright-headed'.

                                                 About the Clan:

                                                 Contact Information:
                                                 Contact Person: Michael H. O'Callaghan
                                                 Fax: +353-22-47459
                                                 Address: Longueville House, Mallow, Co. Cork.

                                                 Additional Websites:
                                                 O'Callaghan Clan Message Board
                                                 Callahans WWW Home Page

O'Callaghan Social Security Numbers (as per SSDI after death) "O'Callaghan Newburgh"

O'Callaghan in Jersey City Directories 1889 -1890

O'Callaghan Relative STILL in IRELAND:
    From my memory: The Kidney family of Dublin who once owed the Jury Hotel.  I remember them once visiting about1979 and staying with my Aunt Kathleen Chesser on Leroy St in Newburgh NY. I don't remember much.. I was just a kid then.


        Dennis D. O'Callaghan Family Burial Information     (Calvary Cemetery New Windsor NY)

         Clara O'Callaghan Newspaper Obituary Notice

Dennis D. O'Callaghan        (Dennis O'Callaghan Immigration / Naturilization Papers)
    Born: June 1860        Age at death : 59.8.22   on Feb 23 1919
    Born Country : (It as has been stated: Callas, Incarria County Cork IRELAND)
    Parents: Unknown
    Married Who: Ann Dwyer
    Married Where: possibly Jersey City
    Married When: Jersey 1888
    Died: Feb 23 1919
    Died Where:  At Home: 192 North Miller St Newburgh NY
    Buried Where/When:  Calvary Cemetery  B-285  New Windsor NY (Rt 9W and Quassaick Ave and Rt 94)

Ann Dwyer
    Born: Jan 06 1859
    Born Country : (It has been stated: Cloughroe Innisiara County Cork IRELAND)
    Parents: William and Catherine Dwyer (as stated from Ann Obit)
    Married Who: Dennis D. O'Callaghan
    Married Where: possibly Jersey City
    Married When: @ 1888
    Died: June 17 1951
    Died Where:  192 North Miller St Newburgh NY
    Buried Where/When:  Calvary Cemetery B-285  New Windsor NY (Rt 9W and Quassaick Ave and Rt 94)

Dennis D. and Ann Dwyer O'Callaghan's Children:
          Katherine C O'Callaghan (Whalen) (AKA: Catherine, Kathryn, etc.)
                                              Born:        03 Oct 1896 or Oct 24 1898
                                              Where:      Jersey City NJ
                                              Died:         Nov 17 1966
                                              Died:         At home: 54 Leroy Place Newburgh NY
                                              Baptized:   07 Oct 1896 St Peter's Church 144 Grand St Jersey City NJ
                                        Sponsors: James Curtis and Margaret Crane
        ?Maureen O'Callaghan
        ? Margaret O'Callaghan Hahn Born:
        ? Francis  O'Callaghan            Born:     29 Dec 1902                          Died:     Sept 1979 Cornwall NY
        ? William O'Callaghan             Born:                                                    Died: prior to 1979  +/- 1977-8
        ? Nora O'Callaghan                Born:    04 July 1892                            Died:    Sept 1964  Newburgh NY?
        Kathryn O'Callaghan Whalen  Born:    03 Oct 1896 or Oct 24 1898   Died:    Nov 17 1966 54 Leroy Place Newburgh NY

I have heard that Anna Dwyer O'Callaghan had other family name ancestors such as Featherstone, Brosnahan???? Have not proven any yet!

Family Burial Information:
The families of Whalen and O'Callaghan purchased Section "A" Plots number 285-286.  Mrs. Dennis O'Callaghan wanted the families to be buried together so she purchased two plots adjoining and each to hold six individuals.  Even though the headstone only states "O'Callaghan or Whalen" they each have over six individuals buried within that 6 foot by 10 foot plot.

Dennis D. O'Callaghan Family Buial Information
CALVARY CEMETERY NEW WINDSOR NEW YORK (60 miles North New York City, Newburgh & New Windsor Boarder Rt 9W,Quassaick Ave, Rt 94)

Section B:        Plot: 285 and 286    Deed#1173
Mrs Dennis O'Callaghan
128 South William St Newburgh     "Perpetual Care"

Dennis O'Callaghan        Inter Feb  27 1919        Grave #2
Margaret Hahn               Inter April 28 1938       Grave #2    Known as Aunt Peg O'Callaghan
Maureen O'Callaghan     Inter June 19 1933        Grave # ?    Born June 12 1933 to Mr # Mrs William O'Callaghan    (Infant)
Anna O'Callaghan          Inter June 19 1951        Grave # 2 - 285
Baby Girl Hahn               Inter Dec  13 1960                             _ ft of 1-Box-2660
Nora O'Callaghan           Inter Sept 30 1964        Grave #5    -3495        (entry read "Mora" but should have been Nora)
George J Whalen            Inter July   07 1978        Grave #3    Vault
Kathryn C Whalen          Inter Nov  11 1966        Grave #      Vault
William O'Callaghan        Inter July  25 1978         Grave #1     -5876 (5)
Frank Dennis O'Callaghan Inr  Sept 29 1979         Grave #6DD    285-6143 Casket
Zackary T Holmes          Inter  Jan   16 1989         Grave #        Box (Infant)

Individual Index Cards:
NAME                    ADDRESS             AGE    DIED              BURIED        CHURCH                                                F.HM    Invoice#
George J Whalen    26 Chestnut Lane                July 04 1978    July 07 1978    St Mary's     Vault    Calvary 286    B-3    Toohey    5865
Kathryn C Whalen  54 Leroy Place        68       Nov 17 1966   Nov 21 1966    St Mary's    Vault    Calvary 285-286B-4 Toohey    3983
Anna M Whalen      511 Gidney Ave      98       Marc 30 1969 Apr 02 1966     St Mary's     Box     Calvary 407    B-3    Toohey    3978
Marion C. Whalen   26 Chestnut Lane    83       Dec 05 1990   Dec 07 1990     Mass at Calvary Vault Calvary 103 E-3    Toohey    8355    Deed # 2593
Frank Whalen            1 Vanamee St       70       Sept 12 1975    Sept 15 1975  St Mary's     Vault    Calvary    65    R-2    Toohey    5281
Jane M Whalen          1 Vanamee St       58       July 01 1966    July 05 1966    St Mary's     Vault    Calvary    65    R-3    Perrott     3899
Anna O'Callaghan    192 North Miller     92        June 17 1951    June 20 1951  St Mary's    Box       Calvary    285  B-2  Toohey
Frank O'Callaghan    131 Willow Ave    74        Sept 27 1979    Sept 29 1979    St Joseph    Casket   Calvary   285 B-6DD Lulves    6143 Cornwall Manor )
Nora O'Callaghan    25 HyView Terrac  72        Sept 27 1964    Sept 30 1964    St Mary's    Box    Calvary    286 B-5    Toohey    2495
William O'Callaghan Rd#3                       84        July 21 1978    July 25 1978    St Patricks    Vault    Calvary    285-286    B-1 Toohey 5875

Section B:        PLOT 407        DEED #1516    6 grave plot
Mrs. Anna Whalen
192 North Miller St     "Perpetual Care"

William Whalen        Inter        March13 1924    Grave #2
Anna M Whalen       Inter        April 06 1969      Grave #3    Box 3978
John D Fitzpatrick    Inter        Sept 06 1977        Grave#2    5690
Raymond O'Heron   Inte        May 15 1991        Grave# 6DD Vault    8499

Section R    PLOT: 65    DEED # 3893
Frank Whalen    1 Vanamee St    Newburgh     "Perpetual Care"

Frank Whalen    Inter    Sept 15 1975    Grave#2    Vault    5281
Jane M Whalen  Inter    July 05 1966     Grave#3    Vault    3899

Anna O'Callaghan    June 19 1951     B 285    Grave:2    Toohey    Box    192 N. Miller St
Anna O'Callaghan    6/19                   B 285    Order: 821    Opening: $50.00    Perpetual Care: $135.00

Dec 09 1960    Lulves    B 285    Hahn, Baby-Girl    Order: 2660    Opening: $500.00 12/13
Dec 13 1960    Lulves    B 285    Hahn, Baby Girl    Order: 12660   Opening: $5.00

Sept 27 1964    Toohey    B 286    O'Callaghan, Norah                     Opening: $ 75.00 9/13
Sept 30  1964   Toohey    B 285    O'Callaghan, Norah Order: 3495  Opening: $75.00

July 01 1966    Perrott    R 65        Whalen, Jane M    Order: 3899    8/5 Plot Purchase $130.00    Opening: 7/5 $75.00    Perpet Care: 8/5 $100.00
July 8-11 1966 Perrott    R 65        Whalen, Jane M    Order: 2899    Opening: $75.00

Nov 17 1966    Toohey    B 286    Whalen, Kathryn C    Order:3983 Opening:  $85.00 11/25
Nov      1966    Toohey    B 285    Whalen, Kathryn C    Order: 3983 Opening: $85.00

Year    No.      Name                         Age          Last Residence            Died        Buried     Gv#     Plot    Sect Parent'sName         Undertaker    Remarks
1919   1922    Dennis O'Callaghan    59.8.22    128 South William St    Feb 23    Feb 27    No.2    285    B     Husband of...          Toohey Bro
1924   5759    William Whalen        52            192 North Miller St     Mar 10    Mar 13    No.2    407     B     Husband of Anna    J.Walsh
1933 60043    Maureen O'Callaghan  5 dys       89 ONeill St Kingston June 17    June 19    No.?    285    B     William J& Evelin    W.N. Conner
1938 100257  Margaret A. Hahn       37.28dys 55 DuBois St               Apr 24    Apr 28    No.2     286    B     Wife of Charles       Bevans
1951         62  Anna O'Callaghan       92            192 North Miller St     June 17    June 19   No.2     285    B                                   Toohey        821-B
1960      185    Baby Girl - Hahn        Still           Hosp.                         Dec 09    Dec 13    Ft of 1   285    B                                    Lulves        2660-B
1964      164    Norah O'Callaghan    72            25 Hy View Terr         Sept 27    Sept 30    No.5    286    B                                    Toohey       3495-box
1966      107    Jane M Whalen          58            1 Vanamee St             July 01     July 05    No.3       65    R                                    Perrott         3899-Vault
1966      185    Kathryn C Whalen     68            54 LeRoy Place          Nov 17    Nov 21    No.4    286    B                                    Toohey        3983-Vault
1969      259    Anna M. Whalen        98            511 Gidney Ave        Mar 30    Apr 02     No.3    407     B                                     Toohey       3978 Box

Dennis D. O'Callaghan Citizenship Papers / Naturailization Papers
( I currently maintain the orginal document)

United States of America
State of New Jersey
County of Hudson

"Be it remembered that at a Court of Common Pleas, holden in Jersey City in and for the County of Hudson aforesaid of the term of ?September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight Hundred and eighty seven Dennis D. Callahan a native  of Ireland now resident of the State of New Jersey..." In Testimony... this
27th day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven and in the one hudred and twelth year of our Independence.
    Signed: Dennis M Laugheen Clerk

The Back has a stamp marked " Department of State Passport Oct 5 1923 Issued Washington"

Its possibly he needed a copy of this for a possibly trip back to Ireland but UNSURE and only guessing why it is stamped 1923.

O'Callaghan Family Social Security Numbers (per SSDI after death)
Name                                      Birth                  Death                    Last Residence                   Last Benefit                       SSN Issued
NORA OCALLAGHAN       04 Jul 1892       Sep 1964 12550   (Newburgh, Orange, NY)   (none specified)                 058-30-6177 New York
WILLIAM OCALLAGHAN 29 Jan 1894      Jul 1978 01902     (Lynn, Essex, MA) 12550   (Newburgh, Orange, NY) 072-03-9390 New York
FRANK OCALLAGHAN     29 Dec 1902    Sep 1979 12518   (Cornwall, Orange, NY)      (none specified)                 058-30-5996 New York

Katherine C O'Callaghan Whalen GODPARENTS:
CURTIS FAMILY of Jersey City Hudson Co NJ
James Curtis mentioned in Catherine O'Callaghan Baptism as Godfather
Genforum  Curtis family

CRANE FAMILY of Jersey City Hudson CO NJ
Margaret Crane mentioned in Catherine O'Callaghan Baptism as Godmother

Genforum Crane Family

1891-93 Jersey City Directory With listed numerous "James Curtis"
James Curtis 
65 Collard 
James B Curtis 
181 Coles 
James Curtis 
258 Whiton 

O'Callaghan in Jersey City Directories 1889 -1890
Jersey City, New Jersey Directory, 1889-90

Surname Given Name Occupation Business Address Residence Comments Page
O'Callaghan Jeremiah lab   h 94 Clinton H   431
O'Callaghan John laborer   h 243 Wayne   431
O'Callaghan Thomas C O physician 253 2d h 38 Erie   431
O'Callaghan Timothy driver   h 424 Grand   431
O'Callaghan William F salesman   h 238 Park avenue H   431


On a piece of paper I had this written:  I don't know what it means or where it came from:
B    9.8.1978
Parents: Dennis Callahan
    9.21.1978    2B

O'Callaghan, Clara L., 85, of Cornwall, New York, died on Thursday, July 23 1995 in The Cornwall Hospital, Cornwall. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Monday morning at 11:00 o'clock in the Sacred Heart Church, Robinson Avenue, Newburgh. Friends are invited to call at the James F Lulves Funeral Home Inc, 9 Avenue A, Conrwall On Hudson on Sunday evening from 5 to 8. Interment will be in the Calvary Cemetery, New Windsor. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the James F Lulves funeral Home Inc.

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