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"The name Whalen/Whelan must be dealt with in conjunction with Phelan, as they are anglicized variants of the same Gaelic surname, viz.Ó Faoláin, which itself has variant forms such as Ó Faoileáin and Ó hAoláin. Whelan is more numerous than :Phelan: it alone stands seventy-ninth in the list of the hundred commonest in Ireland; with Phelan added the name takes forty-fourth place, with an estimated population of about twelve thousand persons. In the last year (1960's) for which such statistics are available 214 births were registered for Whelan and 93 for Phelan. Eighty per cent of the latter belonged to Counties Waterford, Kilkenny and adjacent areas; while Whelans exteneded further into Wexford and Carlow. Many, of course, were born in Dublin, but in considerations of this kind the metropolitan area can be disregarded. It is natural that the present day representatives of the sept of O'Faol'ain should be found in the places mentioned, because their chiefs were Princes of the Decies before the Norman invasion, while a branch of the sept was settled a little further north in the south-west part of Co. Kilkenny. One of these, John Phelan, was Bishop of Ossory at the time of the Catholic resurgence under James II.  The gentleman who styles himself "O'Phelan, Prince of the Decies" (a claim not allowed by the Genealogical Office) was born Whelan;  the well known writer S'ean O'Faolain is the son of Denis Whelan. Another distinguished Whelan was Leo Whelan, R.H.A (1892-1956), the portrait painter. Of those using the form Phelan the best known are Edward Joseph Phelan, the Director-General of the International Labour Office, formerly of Dublin, adn Frederick Ross Phelan, a distinquished Canadian soldier. In the United States, Phelans have been prominent, notably James Phelan (1824-1892), Leix-born pioneer, and his son James Duval Phelan (1861-1930), senator and mayor of San Francisco.
O'Phelan Crest:
Argent four lozenges in bend conjoined azure between two cotises of the last, on  a chief gules three fleur-de-lis of the first.  Crest: A stag's head or."
Copied from article in Arms Plate book of unknown name

 Whalen Listing in Poughkeepsie Directories for 1889-1897  (street by street)

Whalens Listing in Newburgh Directories 1889-1892

Whalen Listing in Poughkeepsie NY Dutchess Co. Social Security Numbers (SSDI)

Whalen Families of Poughkeepsie NY Listed in "Directory of the Central New England & Western Railroad 1889"

Other Whalen Family Burials In St Peter's Cemetery Poughkeepsie NY

Other Whalen Family of Newburgh and New Windsor Census Records 1870 - 1920



William R Whalen and Mary Barclay Engagement Announcement

Mary F Barclay Obituary Notice Nov 27 2000



WHALEN Lineage:

Thomas and Catherine Whalen of Ireland
    Son: Michael Whalen
Michael Whalen    B: ~Apr 1844 Ireland       Married Catherine Holohan: Nov 23 1863 St Peters RC Church Pok NY    D: July 31 1908 Gifford Ave Pok.

Mary Hoolahan     B: ~ 1808 Ireland                                                                                                                                D: April 24 1884 Pok.NY
    Daughter: Catherine
Catherine Holohan B: ~Apr 1844 Ireland      Married Michael Whalen                                                                              D: June 23 1912 Gifford Ave Pok.

Michael and Catherine's Children:
    Son: William F Whalen

William F Whalen B: Oct 10 1868 Pok NY Married: Mary Ann Bridget Kelly Jan 17 1894...............                                D: March 10 1924 Newburgh
Mary Ann Bridget Kelly B: March 28 1871 LaGrange?LaGrangeville NY to James and Catherine Kelly                            D: March 30 1969 Newburgh

William F and Mary Ann's Children:
    Son: George J Whalen

George James Whalen B: April 26 1897 Schenectady NY M: Kathryn C O'Callaghan April 18 1920 St Mary's Newburgh D: July 04 1978 Newburgh NY

O'Callaghan Lineage:

Dennis D O'Callaghan B: June 1860 ?Callas, Incarria Co Cork Ireland Married: Anna Dwyer Jersey 1888?                         D: Feb  23 1919 Newburgh NY

William and Catherine Dwyer
    Daughter: Anna
Anna "Featherstone,Brosnahan" Dwyer B: Jan 06 1859 Cloughroe Innisiara Co.Cork Ireland                                                 D: June 17 1951 Newburgh NY

Dennis D and Anna O'Callaghan Children:
    Daughter: Kathryn Cecelia O'Callaghan B: Oct 24 1898 Jersey City NJ  Married: George J Whalen Newburgh NY         D: Nov 17 1966 Newburgh NY


Whalen Family Buial Information

CALVARY CEMETERY NEW WINDSOR NEW YORK (60 miles North New York City, Newburgh & New Windsor Boarder Rt 9W,Quassaick Ave, Rt 94)

Section B:        Plot: 285 and 286    Deed#1173
Mrs Dennis O'Callaghan
128 South William St Newburgh     "Perpetual Care"

Dennis O'Callaghan        Inter Feb   27 1919       Grave #2
Margaret Hahn               Inter April 28 1938       Grave #2    Known as Aunt Peg O'Callaghan
Maureen O'Callaghan     Inter June 19 1933        Grave # ?    Born June 12 1933 to Mr # Mrs William O'Callaghan    (Infant)
Anna O'Callaghan          Inter June 19 1951         Grave # 2 - 285
Baby Girl Hahn               Inter Dec  13 1960                             _ ft of 1-Box-2660
Nora O'Callaghan           Inter Sept 30 1964        Grave #5    -3495        (entry read "Mora" but should have been Nora)
George J Whalen            Inter July   07 1978        Grave #3    Vault
Kathryn C Whalen          Inter Nov  11 1966        Grave #      Vault
William O'Callaghan        Inter July  25 1978         Grave #1     -5876 (5)
Frank Dennis O'Callaghan Inr  Sept 29 1979         Grave #6DD    285-6143 Casket
Zackary T Holmes          Inter  Jan   16 1989         Grave #        Box (Infant)  I heard he was buried in 286-B-3 with George J Whalen

Individual Index Cards:
NAME                    ADDRESS             AGE    DIED              BURIED        CHURCH                                                F.HM    Invoice#
George J Whalen    26 Chestnut Lane                July 04 1978    July 07 1978    St Mary's     Vault    Calvary 286    B-3    Toohey    5865
Kathryn C Whalen  54 Leroy Place        68       Nov 17 1966   Nov 21 1966    St Mary's    Vault    Calvary 285-286B-4 Toohey    3983
Anna M Whalen      511 Gidney Ave      98       Marc 30 1969 Apr 02 1966     St Mary's     Box     Calvary 407    B-3    Toohey    3978
Marion C. Whalen   26 Chestnut Lane    83       Dec 05 1990   Dec 07 1990     Mass at Calvary Vault Calvary 103 E-3    Toohey    8355    Deed # 2593
Frank Whalen            1 Vanamee St       70       Sept 12 1975    Sept 15 1975  St Mary's     Vault    Calvary    65    R-2    Toohey    5281
Jane M Whalen          1 Vanamee St       58       July 01 1966    July 05 1966    St Mary's     Vault    Calvary    65    R-3    Perrott     3899
Anna O'Callaghan    192 North Miller     92        June 17 1951    June 20 1951  St Mary's    Box       Calvary    285  B-2  Toohey
Frank O'Callaghan    131 Willow Ave    74        Sept 27 1979    Sept 29 1979    St Joseph    Casket   Calvary   285 B-6DD Lulves    6143 Cornwall Manor )
Nora O'Callaghan    25 HyView Terrac  72        Sept 27 1964    Sept 30 1964    St Mary's    Box    Calvary    286 B-5    Toohey    2495
William O'Callaghan Rd#3                       84        July 21 1978    July 25 1978    St Patricks    Vault    Calvary    285-286    B-1 Toohey 5875

Section B:        PLOT 407        DEED #1516    6 grave plot
Mrs. Anna Whalen
192 North Miller St     "Perpetual Care"

William Whalen        Inter        March13 1924      Grave #2                                    DIED: March 10, 1924
Anna M Whalen       Inter        April 06 1969       Grave #3    Box 3978                 DIED: March 20 1969
John D Fitzpatrick    Inter        Sept 06 1977        Grave#2    5690
Raymond O'Heron   Inte         May 15 1991         Grave# 6DD Vault    8499

    WHERE ARE VINCENT AND MARY WHALEN BORN?DIED? BURIED???  (Children of William F and Mary Ann Kelly)
        I have heard that    Vincent was born about: March 18 1903   and Mary Born about May 1904  but have not yet found their gravesite or birth announcements.
Where they born/died:::          Poughkeepsie (doubtful), Rome (doubtful), Schenectady (Maybe), Newburgh (Probably)

Section R    PLOT: 65    DEED # 3893
Frank Whalen    1 Vanamee St    Newburgh     "Perpetual Care"

Frank Whalen    Inter    Sept 15 1975    Grave#2    Vault    5281                DIED: Sept 12 1975?
Jane M Whalen  Inter    July 05 1966     Grave#3    Vault    3899

Anna O'Callaghan    June 19 1951     B 285    Grave:2    Toohey    Box    192 N. Miller St
Anna O'Callaghan    6/19                   B 285    Order: 821    Opening: $50.00    Perpetual Care: $135.00

Dec 09 1960    Lulves    B 285    Hahn, Baby-Girl    Order: 2660    Opening: $500.00 12/13
Dec 13 1960    Lulves    B 285    Hahn, Baby Girl    Order: 12660   Opening: $5.00

Sept 27 1964    Toohey    B 286    O'Callaghan, Norah                     Opening: $ 75.00 9/13
Sept 30  1964   Toohey    B 285    O'Callaghan, Norah Order: 3495  Opening: $75.00

July 01 1966    Perrott    R 65        Whalen, Jane M    Order: 3899    8/5 Plot Purchase $130.00    Opening: 7/5 $75.00    Perpet Care: 8/5 $100.00
July 8-11 1966 Perrott    R 65        Whalen, Jane M    Order: 2899    Opening: $75.00

Nov 17 1966    Toohey    B 286    Whalen, Kathryn C    Order:3983 Opening:  $85.00 11/25
Nov      1966    Toohey    B 285    Whalen, Kathryn C    Order: 3983 Opening: $85.00

Year    No.      Name                         Age          Last Residence            Died        Buried     Gv#     Plot    Sect Parent'sName         Undertaker    Remarks
1919   1922    Dennis O'Callaghan    59.8.22    128 South William St    Feb 23    Feb 27    No.2    285    B     Husband of...          Toohey Bro
1924   5759    William Whalen        52            192 North Miller St     Mar 10    Mar 13    No.2    407     B     Husband of Anna    J.Walsh
1933 60043    Maureen O'Callaghan  5 dys       89 ONeill St Kingston June 17    June 19    No.?    285    B     William J& Evelin    W.N. Conner
1938 100257  Margaret A. Hahn       37.28dys 55 DuBois St               Apr 24    Apr 28    No.2     286    B     Wife of Charles       Bevans
1951         62  Anna O'Callaghan       92            192 North Miller St     June 17    June 19   No.2     285    B                                   Toohey        821-B
1960      185    Baby Girl - Hahn        Still           Hosp.                         Dec 09    Dec 13    Ft of 1   285    B                                    Lulves        2660-B
1964      164    Norah O'Callaghan    72            25 Hy View Terr         Sept 27    Sept 30    No.5    286    B                                    Toohey       3495-box
1966      107    Jane M Whalen          58            1 Vanamee St             July 01     July 05    No.3       65    R                                    Perrott         3899-Vault
1966      185    Kathryn C Whalen     68            54 LeRoy Place          Nov 17    Nov 21    No.4    286    B                                    Toohey        3983-Vault
1969      259    Anna M. Whalen        98            511 Gidney Ave        Mar 30    Apr 02     No.3    407     B                                     Toohey       3978 Box

McKinstrie, Margaret        Oct 21, 1989

Social Security Numbers for Whalen Relatives

ANNA WHALEN   03 Aug. 1905    09 Aug. 1993 12553 (New Windsor, Orange, NY)    (none specified)                 085-01-9320   New York
ISABEL WHALEN 06 Mar 1896         Aug. 1975 12518 (Cornwall, Orange, NY)            (none specified)                  095-05-6168   New York (Who is this?)

Name                            Birth                  Death                     Last Residence                       Last Benefit                         SSN             Issued
ANNA WHALEN      07 Sep 1904      Jan 1979          Newburgh, Orange, NY)           (Newburgh, Orange, NY)  078-01-5851     New York
M WHALEN               13 Jul. 1898   15 Sep 1966       (Newburgh, Orange, NY)            (none specified)                134-40-8672     New York
ROBERT CHESSER 18 Sep 1923  29 Sep 1997 12550 (Newburgh, Orange, NY)           (none specified)                  059-24-7420  New York
KATHLEEN CHESSER 05 Oct. 1925 16 Aug. 1997 12550 (Newburgh, Orange, NY)       (none specified)               091-18-9293 New York

Obituary Daily Times
CHESSER, Kathleen C ( ); 71; Beach Haven NJ>Newburgh NY; Tuckerton B (NJ); 1997-8-21; cbentiv
CHESSER, Kathleen Cecilia (WHALEN); 71; Beach Haven NJ>Newburgh NY; T H Record; 1997-8-18; russjoe
CHESSER, Robert H Jr; 74; Newburgh NY; Tuckerton B (NJ); 1997-10-9; cbentiv

My Great Uncle Bill Whalen (Brother of George J Whalen) Engagement:
Jan 02 1917  Newburgh Newspaper  Bottom Right Corner just under "Young Wife Dies in St Luke's Hospital" article in  " Engagements Announced"
" Engagement Announced  -  Announcement was made of the engagment of Miss Mary Barclay and William Whalen and Miss Emily Bond and Walter Gidney on New Year's Day. Both Miss Barclay and Miss Bond are employed in the Schoomaker store. Mr. Gidney is an employe of the Coldwell Lawn Mower Company."


Where was William and Mary Ann Kelly Married    ( I believe St Peter's Church in Pok. NY)

Where are Vincent and Mary buried?    When and Where were they born?

What does the "F" stand for in William "F" Whalen?

Where was William F Whalen Born?    I believe on Gifford Ave in Pok. NY but I do not have any documented proof.

Where was Mary Ann Bridget Kelly Whalen Born? I heard LaGrange and LaGrangeville Dutchess Co. NY but I do not have any proof.

Need Dennis O'Callaghan birth place, marriage date and place,
Need Anna Dwyer "Granny" birth place

Where/When was Michael Whalen and Catherine O'Holohan Born

What is the proper spelling for Catherine Holohans last name?

Need Mary Ann Bridget Kelly parents names.

As of June 02 2900 Mary Ann was living with her parents, Michael and Catherine at #36 Gifford Ave Pok.NY, She was a Single, White, Female who worked at a Factory. She could Read, Write and speak English

During the 1880 Census McGowans lived at 41 Gifford Ave which is nearly diagnal from the Whalen family who resided at 36 Gifford Ave.

In 1880 while Frank McGowan lived at 41 Gifford Ave, which I believe was a two story two family house the family that shared the house was "Another Whalen Family"  To date I do not know of a connection between the Whalens who lived at 36 Gifford and the Whalen's who lived at 41 Gifford Ave.
John and Maria Whalen lived along side the Frank McGowan family. John who died about 1878 and Maria where also from Ireland and had a few teenage childen.  Maria at the age of 40 was a widow in 1880.  John and Maria had Mary, Hannah, Maggie and little John. All of the children where born in NY but the parents where born in Ireland. Maria was born about 1840 and John born in Ireland about 1835.

Just down the street from all these families was yet ANOTHER !! Whalen family.  Living at 29 Gifford Ave in 1880 was Daniel and Maggie Whalen along with their Daughter Julia.  Both parents and child where born in Ireland which would indicate that this family had to leave Ireland just about 1865.

MY Father's World War II Ship

USS Huntington CL-107      My Fathers WWII War Ship
Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945   Cruisers

USS Huntington CL-107 (point of contact)
Mr. Ed Pendleton
 310-425-8196 3977
 Lees Ave. Stars & S 8-24-97
 Long Beach, CA 90808-2337

My Father, Grandfather ,  and Great Grandfather's Occupation's:

Printers Union:  International Telegraph and Teletype Union
RailRoad:          Railroad Forum
    West Shore Railroad (Schenectady NY =====> Hoboken NJ)

"NEWBURGH  Her Institutions, Industries and Leading Citizens "
Historical, Description and Biographical
Compiled by John J Nutt
Newburgh NY
Published by Ritchie and Hull, Proprietors Newburgh Journal 1891
Patricia A Favata  Newburgh New York  1992

Pgs 223 - 229 has article and pictures of Railroad in Newburgh

My Father In Politics
Articles in Middletown Times Herald Record
1: Politicians pitch Newburgh plans
        whdevelo.htm, Search in: 2000 Archives
        File size: 18K, Create Date: Nov-02-00 03:38
2: Third parties taking a stand in New York
        pbthird.htm, Search in: 2000 Archives
        File size: 19K, Create Date: Oct-20-00 12:13


An observation was made by members of our families that the Headstones located in Calvary Cemetery are NOT properly marked. The headstones do not indicate who are buried in each of the plots. Most of the original plots are currently full but do not reflect the names our our ancestors buried in them. It is my opinion that a collection be take up from any/all relatives to establish a fund to have the names inscriped on the headstones and maybe even pictures of the individuals.  The grave plots/headstones I am refering to are Calvary Cemeterey   "O'Callaghan, George J Whalen, and William F Whalen"
I have compiled a list of those relatives that are buried in each plot. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHO IS BURIED WHERE!
Though the cemetery and our family plots are well taken care off, it would behoove each of us to occassionally stop by the cemetery and double check the condition of the ground surface (no sinking ground) grass cut and headstones cleaned. Some of the headstones are sinking into the ground and may in the future need to be raised and leveled.

    (types of occupations and numbers of each)

Newburgh, New York Directories, 1889-92

Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year
James Whalen   moulder   24 Liberty Newburgh NY 1889
Patrick Whalen   laborer   159 Washington Newburgh NY 1889
Patrick Whalen   laborer   Federal n Washington Newburgh NY 1890
Stephen Whalen   brushmaker   S. William n Liberty Newburgh NY 1890
Patrick Whalen   laborer   Federal n Washington Newburgh NY 1891
Stephen Whalen   brushmaker   S. William n Liberty Newburgh NY 1891
Elizabeth Whalen       132 Washington Newburgh NY 1892
Patrick Whalen   laborer     Newburgh NY 1892
Stephen Whalen   brushmaker   83 S. William Newburgh NY 1892


 Pok.  means Poughkeepsie, New York

Michael Whalen Born April about 1844 Ireland
   married: Nov. 23 1863 St. Peters Church Poughkeepsie
   died July 31 1908   at 36 Gifford Ave. Pok. NY
 Pok.Policeman from  May 10, 1876  until   Aug. 12 1907
Michael’s wife Catherine Holohan Born April   about 1844 Ireland
     died  June 23 1912  at 36 Gifford Ave Pok.NY
 Catherine’s mother: Mary Hoolahan  Born:  about 1808
        died April 24 1884

POSSIBLE Brothers/Sisters/ Relatives:

On 4th June 1880 Martin was living with his brother at 36 Gifford Ave.
 In this house was Michael, wife Katie, Katie’s mother-Mary Holohan, Willie,thomas,julia,mary,john
  brother  Martin,wife Mary, Katie,Timothy,Mary A., Julia.
 That’s two Katies, two julia’s , three Mary’s.  for a total of 14 people in what appeared to be a three bedroom house. Two families and a “mother-in-law The style and age of house would suggest that they had a walk up attic and probably a basement. My great aunt spent her childhood summer their said that they had a back yard with vegetable garden and chickens.”

The 1880 census stated that Martin could no write, which was common back then.  Many of the Irish that came over were suppressed by the English for many years and were not taught in a formal setting. The vast majority were starving by the time they arrived. They had safety in numbers and relied on each other for support, shelter and food.   Timothy(Martins oldest son, worked at a shoe factory at the age of 14 ( that right fourteen years old) working in the factories.

What is also interesting is that another family of Whalens lived on the same street. Maria Whalen  (widow at age 40 in 1880) lived across {41 Gifford Ave) the street and two houses down from Michael and Martin. Maria had four children.(Mary, Hannah, Maggie, and John).  I find this TOO COINCIDENTAL, plus  at {29 Gifford Ave} was  A THIRD WHALEN Daniel with wife Maggie and daughter Julia.

To recap Gifford Ave on 1880:
 Two Katie Whalen
 Three Julia Whalens’
 Three Mary's, one Maria Whalen
 Two John Whalens’
 Two Maggie Whalens’
  For a grand total of 21 individual Whalens’ in 4 families on Gifford Ave.  I find this VERY<VERY INTERESTING.  THEN THEIR IS ANOTHER SEVEN (7) WHALEN FAMILIES WITH three blocks of Gifford.
 John Whalen and wife Barbara at Delafield St.   just down from Gifford
  Martin and Mary lived at 17 Delafield road in 1891.
 Richard at 107 North Bridge St.
 Joseph at 85 North Bridge St.
 Patrick at 75 North Bridge
 Catherine at 56 North Bridge
 Ellen at 52 North Bridge
 Richard at 34 Pine St.
 Mary at 27 Masion St.
 Maggie at 181 Main St.
 Bridge at 200 Main St.
 Ann at 366 Main St.
 John at 148 Clinton St.
 Revian at 146 Clinton St.
 Kate at 324 Mill St.

 The pattern is quite clear  that the families lived very close to each other and didn’t venture to far from their kin.  Granted that some of these people may not be related to each other but I have very strong feeling that they all know each other and may be cousins. All of the females listed above with the addresses were widows by 1880 and many have three or four children.   How could some many, Five, families live together (North Bridge Street) with the same last name in such a vast growing city and NOT BE RELATED???

Michael Whalen Born: April 1844?
Born in Ireland to Parents:                 Brothers/Sisters:?    one known brother Martin Whalen also of Pok. NY
Left Ireland ? Why?
Arrived in America When?  Approx 1860's Where? With whom?

Traveled to Poughkeepsie NY (Why?/ when?)

Found House on 36 Gifford Ave Pok. NY
Meet Catherine Holohan  When?
Married : Nov 23 1863 at St Peter's Church Pok. NY
    Catherine Holohan born Approx April 1844 in Ireland   Parents: Mary Hoolahan Died: April  24 1884 Pok. NY
            Mary Hoolahan lived with Michael and Catherine at 36 Gifford Ave for a number of years.
    Catherine and Michael had several children:

    Catherine Whalen Died: June 23 1912 at home  36  Gifford Ave

Michael and Catherines oldest child William F Whalen was born Oct 10 1868 at 36 Gifford Ave Pok .NY
William F Whalen Married Mary Ann Bridget Kelly on Jan 17 1894
William Died on March 10 1924 at his home at 192 North Miller St Newburgh NY

Mary Ann Bridget Kelly (known as Anna Kelly)
Born: March 28 1871  in ? LaGrange?ville NY Dutchess Co
Died: March 30 1969 at her daughters home  511 Gidney Ave Newburgh NY at a wondeful age of 98 years old

William F Whalen and Anna Kelly had several children

One of the children, George James Whalen was born April 26 1897 at Schenectady NY.
    George J Whalen Married Kathryn Cecelia O'Callaghan on April 18 1920
    George and Kathryn had several children most of which are still living.
    George J Whalen Died: July 04 1978 at his Second Wife's home: 26 Chestnut Lane Newburgh NY

Kathryn Cecelia O'Callaghan was born Oct 24 1898 in ? Jersey City, New Jersey to the parents of Dennis D and Anna Dwyer.
Kathryn died: Nov 17 1966 at her daughters home  54 Leroy Place Newburgh NY


Catherine Holohan Whalen                    Catherine's Mother:  Mary Hoolohan
Michael Whalen                                    Michael's Older Brother: Martin Whalen
William F Whalen
Mary Ann
Michael Jr

           IRELAND >? >  New York  > Poughkeepsie NY > Newburgh NY >New Windsor NY >> WORLD !!!
                         ALBANY AREA's           DUTCHESS Co.         ORANGE Co.      ULSTER Co.

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